Turn anonymous web browsers into buyers

As a marketer, you know that only 2% of first-time visitors to your website actually make a purchase.

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Retargeting with purpose

So what do you do about converting the other 98% of potential customers after they leave your website? Until now, you had limited options to identify these anonymous or known visitors to re-engage them. The most popular strategies are to:

Ignore them
they return
one day
Retarget them
with cookie-based
display ads
PROGRAMMATIC RE-ENGAGEMENT™ is an integrated end-to-end managed solution with five components

1. Identify

Programmatic Re-engagement™ monitors your website traffic through simple web tags which track actions, creating a history profile. If a visitor leaves without taking a desired conversion action (e.g. incomplete form, cart abandonment), it will flag and identify them through a sophisticated identity resolution process.

This process allows for the identification of anonymous web visitors to become known so they can be classified as either prospects or existing customers. In addition to identifying their physical location and the media channels that can reach them, it expands their history profile with demographic and psychographic attributes.

2. Decision

Programmatic Re-engagement™ enables decisioning of future engagement based on the visitor’s web actions, their profile and your overall communication strategy. Once a web visitor is identified and classified through a rule-based approach, the optimal personalized communication, media channel(s) and sequencing is determined.

In the initial stages while data is being captured, the rules are pre-defined. With enough data accumulated, more robust predictive models are incorporated to enhance both the decisioning and results.

3. Personalize

Programmatic Re-engagement™ creates a bridge between the individual’s profile and the creative to enable your communication strategy to come to life seamlessly and efficiently.

Using a rule-based, dynamic creative composition system, it defines the key messages you want to communicate based on the visitor’s history profile, demographic and psychographic attributes. The output is personalized communication through targeted direct mail, email, and social and display ads.

4. Activate

Programmatic Re-engagement™ enables communication delivery to be timed delayed or immediate in the case of email, digital and social ads. With direct mail, it can be any customized format using our fully automated web-to-print operation within 48 hours of visiting your website.

The entire end-to-end process is integrated and automated. All communications get logged at the time of delivery, enabling effective linkage between action and response to drive attribution and reporting.


Programmatic Re-engagement™ is continuously optimized through ongoing data capture and intelligence based analysis of actions and how your visitors respond to your communication. All visitor’s engagements are captured to build the critical knowledge needed to optimize future engagements.

Activity reports and dashboards track and measure what is working to drive re-engagement while recommendations are derived from key insights that optimize future results.

Re-engage with purpose
Marketing solutions that re-engage your customers through a unique buying journey.
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