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With IDENTIFII, the guesswork of who is visiting your website is resolved. It identifies anonymous and known visitors, so you will have a better understanding of your prospects and customers and gain better campaign attribution.

Do you know who has been visiting your website?

Until now, various online tools have given you limited insight into actual individual website visitors. They provided information such as the device used, geographical region or navigation patterns of your visitors. While this has been helpful in enhancing the user’s website experience, it’s done little to improve user engagement and campaign ROI.

If you had access to insights down to the individual or household – of who has visited your website, who were either known or anonymous, you would have the ability to better target future campaigns, improve measurement and media attribution. This insight could includes demographic and behavioral information to give you a complete view of your web traffic.

“We were amazed at the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the intelligence and how it allowed us to better attribute our results with each campaign and quantify ROI seamlessly.”

Director of Marketing, Cableco

IDENTIFII will tell you who is visiting your website

Identifii will link your online world to the individual or household in a way that is completely seamless and will give you the insight to be a better marketer. This fully integrated solution will identify anonymous web traffic down to the individual or household and profile it against a comprehensive U.S. customer database of 242 million prospects and your customer records.


242 million


Identifii will then match the individual or household against 1300 personal attributes to give you a comprehensive demographic and psychographic profile of visitor. Behavioral information of the visitor can also be captured and appended to the visitor’s profile. This is done while maintaining the privacy of your visitors.




This intelligence is fed back to you in summary reports or dashboards that will help you better evaluate media attribution and target your next marketing campaign to attract more visitors, and enable you to adjust your approach based on customer and prospect profiles. Furthermore, this information could be pushed into an advertising platform (i.e. DSP) or predictive model to better target individuals to engage with your brand.


How Identifii works for you.


Add listening tags to your website


Identify and monitor individuals visiting your website


Profile against prospect database and/or your customer database


Dynamic reporting provides the intelligence you need

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