Integrate offline and online channels to drive higher response and sales

Programmatic Re-engagement™ delivers personalized messages across offline and offline channels that drive greater brand interactions with your prospects and customers.

Integrated offline and online campaigns that include direct mail deliver better consumer attention and brand recall than single-media campaigns.

Programmatic Re-engagement™ provides the ability to select the channel and message to drive the right engagement and increase sales conversions.


Direct Mail

Giving, receiving and handling tangible objects remains a deep and intuitive part of the human experience. Mail has this effect and remains highly impactful and long lasting often with people saving it for future use. A sensory experience with your brand can mark a pivotal moment in the customer’s journey. A journey which does not extend beyond digital, is not as effective.

PROGRAMMATIC RE-ENGAGEMENT enables the integration of your website with direct mail in a customer’s digital journey. It identifies the home address of anonymous web visitors and makes it possible to plan and automate the delivery of highly personalized direct mail communication.

Our state-of-the-art automated print production facility enables a variety of formats ranging from unique mailers to postcards, sealed envelopes, catalogues and magazines. Any format can be personalized down to the individual piece. We can cost effectively produce as low as one personalized direct mail piece within 48 hours of web action.


Always a favorite media channel with marketers; it is easy, personal, instantaneous and attributable. Address your contacts by name and include personal details in your messages. Use dynamic content to make sure you deliver only the most relevant, highly personalized emails to your audience based on their previous interaction with your brand.

With our extensive prospect database, representing most of the U.S. population or over 242 million individual records, we have the ability to append email addresses, similar to direct mail addresses, to target anonymous web visitors with personalized emails.



Predominately used by mobile users, social channels are highly effective as it is quick, impactful and targeted towards specific users who have visited your website.

Social ads help marketers reach individuals via targeted personalized messages with the proper frequency in order to drive higher response rates, especially in areas where marketers cannot reach individuals through direct mail or other offline communications. They can be strategically placed within social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter – a service provided by CentricIQ in an Omni-Channel solution strategy.

Banner Ads

The challenges with retargeted banner ads today is the use of ad blockers by visitors or that they are seen as an annoyance by visitors, especially if they have already made a purchase. With Programmatic Re-Engagement, someone who has recently purchased your product would stop receiving promotional ads and instead start to receive cross-sell product communications.

PROGRAMMATIC RE-ENGAGEMENT™ provides much greater flexibility than traditional retargeting to present banner ads that are aligned with the visitor’s journey with your brand.



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